Brooks England Factory Visit


Anyone with even a passing interest in bicycles knows Brooks England, one of the most famous brands in cycling. The company has been manufacturing leather saddles in Birmingham since 1866. John Boultbee Brooks, a saddler by trade, became a 19th century innovator after he borrowed an early wooden-saddled bicycle and
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Modern Day Pioneer


Modern Day Pioneer. This is the very complimentary title bestowed on Adam by Henri Lloyd for his work creating Herdwyck No.10 tweed and the Cherchbi brand. He, Magnus Reid (entrepreneurial restauranteur) and James Marr (cycling innovator) were selected by the brand to promote their Black Label relaunch this year. To
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Haeckels. Made of Margate


Regular readers will be aware of our fondness for Margate. Like many British seaside resorts the town witnessed steady decline over many decades but is now undergoing a regeneration. Large scale projects like the Turner Contemporary are making a difference, as will Dreamland when it reopens next year. Smaller, yet
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Lissom & Muster Collection


Over the past year or so our Manchester stockist Lissom & Muster has become a collaborative partner. Together we have developed a comprehensive new collection of leather goods and accessories available only through the Manchester shop and website. John Rogers, the company’s dynamic founder fed us a constant stream of
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A G Hendy & Co Home Store, Hastings


The Old Town area of Hastings is steeped in character yet much of it’s heritage feels  obscured and somewhat under-valued. There’s one notable exception, the three-storey Georgian townhouse that is A G Hendy & Co Home Store. The house appears to have escaped any form of modernisation whatsoever, as if a
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Maker’s Dozen


Baker’s Dozen we’re familiar with but Maker’s Dozen? Since late 2012 John Brolly of Made In These Isles has been persuading a selection of folk, each involved in British design and manufacturing, to reveal their favourite thirteen homegrown brands. ‘A selection of products from select selectors’, that’s what he calls it.
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Sophie Woodrow’s ceramic art


We’ve noticed a focus on ceramics recently. The pieces and makers catching our eye blend simple and modern, crafted and rustic. Some are Japanese or take Japanese pottery as inspiration melding this with other styles. We’ve talked about this in the studio recently and begun a draft Journal post about
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Rucksacks. Backpacks. Haversacks.


In a few days we’re heading north for the holiday, to Yorkshire and then on to Cumbria. Weather permitting we will be spending some time in the Dales and around the Cumbrian fells and lakes. Our packing list is regionally appropriate; boots, gaiters, thermals, waterproofs, hatscarfgloves (all one word if
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Archive Sale, Sunday 1st December


For only the second such sale in our 7 year history we have dug deep in our stock room, our sample storage and recalled a wide variety of samples from our PR and sales agents. On sale will be many types of bag, handmade belts, the odd cap and some
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The Epic of Everest


Saturday saw a trip to the British Film Institute to view the recent restoration of Captain John Noel’s The Epic of Everest. This powerful and poignant film of the 1924 British expedition serves as a fascinating historical record and a memorial to Mallory and Irvine who lost their lives during the final
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